University Policies

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Academic and Non-Academic Degree Listing for Publication
Academic Ceremony
Academic Integrity and Dishonesty
Academic Progress, ASGR Probation, Suspension, Expulsion
Accidental Exposure
Administrative Appointments
Advanced Standing Request
Americans with Disabilities
Animals in Buildings
Appealing Grades
Applicants for Matriculation
Appointing Adjunct and Visiting Faculty
Appointment - Tenure Track
Automobile Expenses


Bidding Procedures
Business Forms


Campus Crime and Security Act
Campus Parking
Certificates and Diplomas
Chain of Command
Change in Faculty Appointment Track
Chemical Hygiene
Children in the Workplace and Learning Environment
Children in the Clinic
Chiropractic Care for Physicians During Homecoming
Class Withdrawal
Classification of Employees
Classroom Laboratory and Clinic Attendance
Classroom Recording
Clinic Progression Policy
Clinical Clerkship Program
Clinical Residencies
Co-Curricular Learning
Code of Business Conduct
Computer Software
Computing Resources - Rules for Usage
Conflict of Interest
Consensual Relationships - NUHS Employees and NUHS Students
Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act-Cobra
Contractual Agreements
Contributions by NUHS
Control of Instructional Programs
Copyright Compliance: Learning Resource Center and Classroom
Copyright Registered Marks
Course Chair
Course Exams
Creative Work
Credit Hour System
Crisis Management


Dean Level Personnel
Death of an Employee or Retiree
Deferred Giving
Delinquent Accounts
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures
Digital Millennium Copyright Act Violations Notices
Disclosure Statement
Diversity Definition and Policy
Dress Code
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention


Eighth Trimester Course Remediation
Eighth Trimester Debt Management Counseling
Electronic Communications
Employee Complaint
Employee Education Assistance
Employee Identification
Employee Handbook
Employee Network Acceptable Use
Employee Performance and Discipline
Employment of Relatives
Endowed Positions
Equal Opportunity Employment
Executive Administrative Personnel


Faculty Handbook
Faculty Teaching Load

Faculty-Lincoln College
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Family Practice Residents
FERPA-Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Financial Conflict of Interest in Research
Fiscal Year Operation
Flower Policy
Food and Cosmetics
Funeral Leave


Gender Change: Academic Record Revision Request
Gifts and Donations
Gifts and Gratuities
Grade Postings
Grading System Policy
Graduation Ceremony Waiver
Graduation Requirements
Grooming and Attire Standards


HIPAA Contingency Plan for Systems Containing Sensitive Information
HIPAA Endpoint Data Security Procedures
HIPAA Information Technology Administrative Safeguards
HIPAA Live Research Clinical Studies PHI
HIPAA Physical Safeguards - Building Managers and Access Control
HIPAA Physical Safeguards - Disposition and Reuse of Media
HIPAA Physical Safeguards - Transportation of Physical Documents or Media
HIPAA Privacy Rule Policy and Procedures
HIPAA Security Awareness and Training
HIPAA Technical Safeguards - Audit and Modification Controls for PHI
HIPAA Technical Safeguards - Transmission Security
HIPAA Technical Safeguards - User IDs and Emergency Access
Holiday Policy

Humane Care and Use of Vertebrate Animals


Identification Cards
Immunization Requirements
Improper Deduction
Increment for Additional Education
Increment for Promotion in Rank
Independent Medical Exams
Institutional Review Board Records
Institutional Service
Institutional Standards
Intellectual Property
Inter-Campus Class Attendance
Intern Remediation Policy
Investment Policy


Jury Duty and Subpoenaed Witness Duty


Learning Resource Center Usage
Leaves of Absence
Letter Grade Equivalents
Library Circulation
Library Material Deselection
Library Material Selection and Objectives
Loan of University Equipment and Materials
Loss of Personal Possessions
LRC Selections for Non-Print Materials
LRC Use of Small Group Rooms
Luncheon-Refreshments for Meetings


Maintenance of Facilities
Massage Board Authorization
Massage Therapy Homeschooled Applicants Requirements
Massage Therapy Program Options
Military Leave of Absence for Employees
Misconduct in Research
Missing Student Notification
Moving Assistance


Naming Privileges
National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
Needle Disposal
No Solicitation
Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy
Non-Retaliation Policy
Notice Postings
NUHS Technical Standards-Allied Health Programs
NUHS Technical Standards-Professional Programs


OSHA Inspection
OSHA Requirements for Bloodborne Pathogens


Password Management
Patient Records Retention
Patient Satisfaction Survey
Payroll Administration
Payroll Procedures
Peer to Peer File Sharing
Personal Mail
Personnel Records
Petty Cash Funds
Policy Compliance
Postprofessional Faculty
Postprofessional Students
Postgraduate Discounts For Alumni Association Members
Postgraduate Lecturers - Special Consideration
President's Report to the Board of Trustees
Professional-Administrative Personnel
Professional Faculty Development
Profile of the Practice of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Profile of the Practice of Naturopathic Medicine
Protection of Human Subjects From Research Risks
Protection of Records Involving Legal Action
Purchases by Employees
Purchases from Employees
Purchasing Procedures


Quality Control Assurance Standard


Radiographic Interpretation for Referred Studies
Re-Enrollment / Re-Instatement Guidelines
Recruitment and Selection-Regular Employee
Rehiring Employees
Release of Employee Information
Release-Vacation Time for NUHS Faculty to Teach for the Lincoln College
Research Proposals
Resource Sharing and Document Delivery Service
Responsibility for the Institution
Retirement Recognition
Room Assignment 


Salary Increase Eligibility
Scholarships - Named
Scholarships - Pass Through
Scholarships - Presidential
Scoliosis Radiography and Interpretation
Security Procedures
Service Animal Management
Sick Days
Smoking on University Premises
Snow Schedule
Speaker Approval
Sports Injury
Standardization of Material Purchase
Student Academic Program Transfer Criteria
Student Account Process
Student Attendance
Student Employment
Student Housing
Student ID Card
Student Network Acceptable Use
Student Non-Academic Complaint
Student Organizations
Student Records
Student Research Assistant
Student Service Hours
Student-Faculty Advisory Program for the College of Professional Studies
Students Not Meeting Graduation Requirements in Time for Graduation


Taping of Television Programs
Tenure Evaluation for Faculty Serving Less than One Year
Tenure-Rolling Contract
Therapeutic Treatment of Students
Title IX and Sex Discrimination Policy
Transfer of Students Between NUHS Campuses
Tuition Discount for Multiple Family Members
Tuition Discounting-Dual Degree Students
Tuition Discounting
Tuition Refund
Tuition Waiver for NUHS Employees and Family Members


Unauthorized Practice by NUHS Students
Use of the Term Faculty or Staff
Use of University Facilities


Vacation and Birthday
Vacation for Faculty and Professional Administrators
Vendor Relations
Vendors Exhibiting During Homecoming
Violence in the Workplace


Wage Attachments and Assignments
Waiver of Policy
Weapons and Firearms Restriction
Withdrawal - Involuntary Administrative
Withholding Illinois Tax
Workers Compensation

NUHS Employee Handbook
NUHS Faculty Handbook