HOMECOMING 2019 - SAVE THE DATE! August 22 - 25, 2019

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Feedback and Ideas

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Anita Hollins, OM Tri 6 Student: Highly enjoyed the speakers' session topics and the focus on female leaders in the profession. The ability to network with multiple professionals in our field of study and learn about vendors. It is all about making those connections now, before graduation!

Christy Decker, ND Tri 5 & OM Tri 2 Student: The whole weekend was beneficial, seamlessly run and the food was delicious!

Dr. Daniel Strauss, Dean - Florida College of Professional Studies: I was able to connect with the students I sponsored and it was a pleasure to speak to them about their future goals as well share with them my practice experiences.

Pauline Swenson: The speaker did a very nice job on her presentation of and Introduction to Lomi Lomi massage. She was organized, interesting and gave us a bit of "hands on" work too.


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