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Dual Degree Programs
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Expand Your Career with Dual Degrees

National University offers several health care degrees on one campus (DC, ND, DAc, DAc-C, MAc, MAc-HM). Students earning dual degrees can save months, years, and several thousand dollars versus taking both degrees at separate times, or at separate institutions.

Completing courses in one program will give you advanced standing in a second degree. After successfully completing three trimesters in your first degree, you can begin a second program with your advisors’ approval.

 Why Enroll in Dual Degree Programs?

Multiple degree programs expand your career options, increase your earning potential, and let you tailor your education to your specific goals. Multiple credentials give you a strong advantage when applying for career opportunities and in meeting your patients’ needs.

Dual Degree Options

DC/ND Dual Degrees

  • Completing both degrees normally adds only four trimesters to your education.
  • DCs can enjoy an expanded scope of practice (childbirth, prescription rights, and minor surgery) in some states that license NDs.
  • NDs can more easily practice a wider range of their medicine under their DC license in states that are still working on ND licensure.

DC or ND/DAc Dual Degrees
DC or ND/DAc-C Dual Degrees
DC or ND/MAc or MAc-HM

  • DAc, DAc-C, MAc, and MAc-HM are easy to integrate with your DC or ND program
  • In states with no ND licensure, NDs can apply their training under the LAc scope of practice.

Begin Your Journey

Meet NUHS Alumni with Dual Degrees

Tim MarandoTimothy Marando, ND, DC
Dr. Marando specializes in sports medicine and says his naturopathic medicine training helps him with athletes who come in with chronic underlying conditions in addition to sports injuries. He feels he has a deeper understanding of physiological processes that helps him in prescribing supplements to maximize his patients’ performance.

Denise Shostek2Denise Shostek, DC, ND
“My goal as a physician is to practice internal medicine from a natural perspective. It made sense to me to first become a licensed chiropractic physician in Illinois, which covers internal medicine in our scope of practice.” Dr. Shostek graduated in 2013 with her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree.