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Our Profile

National University of Health Sciences has set the standard for education in integrative medicine for over 100 years.

Fast Facts
Basic information about NUHS at a glance.

Mission and Goals Our mission and goals assure that National University’s pledge toward educational excellence, advancing our professions, and striving for the best possible patient health care, will continue to keep our institution strong and focused.

Our Programs
Explore all the academic programs offered at National University.

Our Locations
Learn more about NUHS’ Illinois and Florida sites.

Academic Performance
The top quality of a National University education is reflected in our students’ high performance on board exams and in their distinguished professional success.

History Timeline
Our history is replete with pioneering firsts in education and natural medicine and a rich tradition of individual and institutional leadership. When you are part of National University, you are part of a proud legacy.

National University forged the way for academic accreditation for the chiropractic profession. Today we continue to support full academic and professional accreditation for our all of our programs.