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Naturopathic Services

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Naturopathic Services

Naturopathic services provide patients access to proven natural and traditional healing methods under the care of a licensed primary care physician (DC who has completed additional training in the modalities listed). If you and your doctor agree, one or more of these natural healing methods may form a part of your treatment plan.

Which natural healing methods are available?

Your clinician may incorporate one or more of the following modalities to assist you in reaching your highest degree of health and wellness. The following methods are safe, gentle, and based on the healing power of nature:

Botanical Medicine
Plant-based supplements, tinctures, and topical applications that assist the body in healing. These may include either western or oriental herbal formulas with time-honored traditional healing applications for various symptoms and conditions.

Gentle effective therapy that uses a micro-amount of natural substances to promote a beneficial healing response.

An important healing modality in traditional naturopathic medicine. Hydrotherapy utilizes the therapeutic benefits of water. It includes application of cool or warm water in specialized compresses or baths. NUHS has a modern hydrotherapy suite for your privacy and comfort.

Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional supplementation, dietary assessment, and advice in making the best food choices based on your unique health history and individual needs.

Lifestyle Counseling
Help in making new choices that are healthier for you physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

What’s an appointment like?

The first appointment is usually 1 to 2 hours long. You will be asked numerous questions on all aspects of your health including mental, emotional, and physical habits and symptoms. These questions are asked so that your physician can make an accurate diagnosis and prepare an individualized plan for care. Follow-up appointments can last 30-60 minutes depending on services required. If at any time your case requires additional care beyond what our clinic can provide, your physician will discuss this with you and provide a referral.

How do I get started?

At our Whole Health Centers in Lombard, you can request an appointment with a primary care physician who is trained in naturopathic services. If you are a current patient interested in trying naturopathic services, you can ask your current NUHS clinician about integrating naturopathic services into your treatment plan. Please note that not all services are available at both locations.

Top 10 Skills of a Good Naturopathic Physician

NDs know how to use a variety of healing modalities.

1. Botanical medicine
2. Homeopathic medicine
3. Hydrotherapy
4. Nutrition and supplements
5. Lifestyle and psychological counseling
6. Adjustment and physical manipulation skills
7. Acupuncture and oriental medicine
8. Minor surgery
9. Natural childbirth
10. Modern diagnostic and laboratory testing