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ND Clinical Opportunities
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ND Clinical Opportunities

Each ND student serves a full year clinical internship. National University offers many exciting internship options that give you the experience and confidence you need to prepare for your future as a physician.

NUHS whole health center at Pinellas Park sign

NUHS Clinic

At the National University Whole Health Center, you’ll learn first-hand how to practice naturopathic medicine as primary care medicine under clinical supervision. You’ll have access to professionals from other specialties, our residents, our faculty clinicians, as well as use of our diagnostic imaging and MRI facilities. You’ll also have access to our large herbal and supplement dispensary, holding a wide selection of dose specific homeopathic remedies, botanical medicines, tinctures, and herbs.

Additionally, National University is committed to developing new internship opportunities in various states and locations that will provide students with exposure to a diverse patient population.

NUHS intern with staff member of Center for Integral Health

NUHS Preceptorship Program

Some students elect to complete part of their internship experience through National’s Preceptorship Program. There are numerous extra-clinic (preceptorships) opportunities available to ND students. This program offers students the opportunity to gain valuable clinical experience in a private practice setting under the supervision of approved doctors who are experienced, ethical, and successful physicians. The supervising doctors participating in this program are considered adjunct faculty of NUHS.

NUHS also offers the chance for select students in the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine program to participate in exciting hospital internship experiences.

Current hospital rotations and preceptorships for ND students include:

  • Center for Integral Health, Lombard, IL
  • Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic, Billings, Montana
  • University of Western States, Portland, Oregon
Dr. Yihyun Kwon with students

Grand Rounds

During your internship phase you will also participate in weekly Grand Rounds, where students and experts share knowledge, research, and experience on various patient conditions.

3 clinicians walking outside NUHS Whole Health Center Lombard

Naturopathic Residency Opportunities

All naturopathic medicine students at NUHS complete one full year as an intern in our on-campus integrative medical clinic as part of their ND degree program.  After graduation, some NDs wish to deepen their clinical experience by participating in a postgraduate residency program.

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