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Refunds and Withdrawals

Deana at the se3rvice window helping a student

Refunds and Withdrawals

Fees are not refundable unless withdrawing prior to Week 1. To be eligible for a refund, the student must fill out an official withdrawal form in the Registration Office, obtain appropriate departmental signatures, and submit the completed withdrawal form to the Registrar. This procedure is the same for all programs. The refund policy for the Prerequisite program has different withdrawal deadlines since the program is comprised of “mini-terms.” Consult the Academic Bulletin for specific Prerequisite withdrawal deadlines.

Time FrameRefund Amount
Prior to Week 1 100%
Week 1100%
Week 275%
Week 350%
Week 425%
Week 5-150%

Exit Counseling

Students who withdraw from National University, graduate, or do not return to complete a program who were recipients of federal funds from the Stafford, Direct, or Graduate PLUS programs are required to complete exit counseling. Graduate professional students attend an exit counseling session prior to graduation and undergraduate students complete online exit counseling. Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Financial Aid with any questions about loan repayment options. Learn more »