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Meet Our Students

All of our students have something in common: they are achievement-oriented and committed to getting the best science-based education for their future careers. National University attracts a high number of ambitious, bright, and motivated students, which means that you, too, benefit from the elite quality of your peer group.


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Greer Nesbit

"Even though there were acupuncture schools in the city, I chose to commute to Lombard because National had a real campus and offered an integrative medicine environment. It also had a flexible schedule and a cadaver lab, which the other schools couldn't offer."

Biomedical Science

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Phil Knuth

"One reason I chose National University is that they have graduate level professors teaching at the undergraduate level. You can really go into depth with them on any questions you have. I've taken human physiology at other schools before, but never experienced the depth of what was taught in the same class here."

Chiropractic Medicine

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Caleb Suciu

"What I like most is that I've learned how to treat the cause of the patient's problem, rather than their symptoms. I had no idea how much of a primary care physician I would be after coming to school here. I will be equipped to handle any patient that comes in the door diagnosis-wise."

Naturopathic Medicine

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Takiyah Smith

"When I was shopping for schools, I was really impressed with National University's integrative curriculum. Being able to take classes with doctors in other fields is really a plus, and the naturopathic curriculum is phenomenal!"