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Alumni Association

"One of the best ways to stay connected to my colleagues is to be a part of the Alumni Association. We were all drawn to National to begin our education and the Alumni Association provides a way to remain engaged with the school and those who support it. By being a member, we can protect our legacy while being an example for those who will come behind us." - Dr. S. Glenn Taffe ('02)

Alumni Association


By becoming a member of the Alumni Association, you are uniting with your fellow classmates to preserve our majestic tradition of success. The National Alumni Community is on a mission to create the most elite foundation of excellence for students to build their futures on.

Champion for success by renewing or enrolling in the Alumni Association!


Membership Renewal or Enrollment Online

To renew or enroll in the Alumni Association online, CLICK HERE

American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.


Alumni Association Form

To view a digital copy of our membership form, please CLICK HERE.


Our Vision

The vision for the Alumni Association is to strengthen our alma mater by supporting and personifying the mission of the university, encourage lifelong learning of our members, foster student and alumni leadership and provide opportunities for investment in National’s future.


2023 Membership Benefits

  • NEW – PRIORITY listing status for TWO complimentary postings on the NUHS Digital Marketplace to share opportunities in your practice, equipment for sale, etc.
  • NEW – All access pass to the NUHS Library AND THREE complimentary research services.
  • NEW – Membership ONLY discount AND priority registration for Homecoming PLUSFREE Meal Package for 1 Guest!
  • Exclusive discount on Acupuncture at all NUHS Clinics.
  • Membership ONLY discount AND priority registration for Homecoming. PLUS  FREE Meal Package for 1 Guest!
  •  Exclusive discount on Hydrotherapy Treatments at the Lombard Clinic. NEW – INCLUDING: Peat Bath Therapy, Infrared Sauna and Russian Steam
  • Membership ONLY discount on supplements at all NUHS Clinics.
  • FREE membership gift for renewing or enrolling in the association.
  • Two FREE Classified Ad Postings on the digital marketplace to share opportunities in your practice, equipment for sale, etc.
  • Eligible for the Alumni Legacy Benefit.
  • 50% discount on tuition for your spouse/child on the first term of study in any program! (5 year consecutive membership required.)
  • FREE Chiropractic Adjustment, Manual Therapy and Cold Laser at the Lombard Clinic.
  • Three FREE research articles from the NUHS Library.
  • Exclusive membership discount on supplies and equipment from elite Vendors!
  • One FREE on-line CME credit hour from NUHS AND additional discounts available on continuing education courses (when applicable)!
  • FREE – Scholarly Articles of Interest – Emailed Monthly!
  • Membership discount on NUHS souvenirs at the Online Store and the Campus Store in Illinois. 
  • FREE Travel Card – Up to 50% off on hotel accommodations and car rentals.

How the Alumni Association Fulfills Its Mission

Your membership dues each year have supported the following initiatives:

  • 2022 – Update to Technique Labs for the Illinois Site
  • 2021 – Enhancement of the Courtyard for the Illinois Site
  • 2020 – New Furniture in the James F. Winterstein Library for the Illinois Site
  • 2018 & 2019 – Renovation of the Fitness Center for the Illinois Site
  • 2017 – Anatomage Table: State-of-the-Art Virtual Dissection for the Florida Site
  • 2016 – Hydrotherapy Suite for the Whole Health Center Clinic in Lombard
  • 2015 – Eagles Nest: Student Hub in Janse Hall, with 24-hour accessibility
  • 2014 – Anatomage Table: State-of-the-Art Virtual Dissection for the Illinois Site

If you have any questions about your membership please email [email protected] or call 630-889-6702.


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