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Being a member of the NUHS Alumni Association supports the University and offers several benefits.

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Our Purpose

The NUHSAA shall:

  • Support the University's commitment to education, research, and service
  • Promote collegiality among alumni of the University
  • Encourage members to participate in and support University activities

Membership Benefits

Your membership entitles you to the following:

  1. Members of the NUHSAA shall receive discounts on educational programs provided by the Lincoln College of Postprofessional, Graduate, and Continuing Education. The amount of the discount shall be determined by the University.
  2. Spouses or children of NUHS graduates, who have been active members of NUHSAA for a minimum period of the five consecutive years immediately preceding the date of matriculation of spouse/child, shall receive a 50% discount on tuition for the first semester of study in any program within the College of Professional Studies or the College of Allied Health Sciences.  This benefit is also extended to Alumni who meet the above criteria and are returning to receive an additional professional studies degree.
  3. Members of NUHSAA shall receive discounts on purchases made in the NUHS Bookstore. The amount of the discount shall be determined by the University.
  4. Members of NUHSAA shall receive discounts on NUHS Homecoming registration fees
  5. Surveillance: Articles of Interest (View sample)
    This list of current reviews of journal literature from the NUHS library are intended to keep you aware of journal articles which might be relevant to your education and practice. Each month we will use PubMed to identify practical articles and significant research studies published during that month and identified as being available free full text. A list of these articles will be sent to Alumni Association Members via email. Make sure we have your correct email address! Hyperlinks to the PDF full text will be provided when available but some publishers might not provide permanent hyperlinks. Please note: Some hyperlinks might not work with a Safari browser, especially older versions.
  6. Members of the NUHSAA shall receive online board review material. Please contact the Alumni and Development Department for more information on gaining access.

How the Alumni Association Fulfills Its Mission

Your membership dues have contributed to the following:

  • Remodel Lombard Whole Health Center reception area - 2012
  • Renovate Janse Hallway - 2011
  • Replacement of flooring in Janse Hall - 2010
  • Student scholarships

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