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Semester by Semester
students working in an anatomy lab

Semester-by-Semester Curriculum

The following course descriptions and credits are effective for students who begin the MSMS program Effective September 2024 or thereafter.

Total Program Credits: 42

Semester 1

Course #Course TitleCredit Hours
MSMS 701Human Gross Anatomy, Embryology and Imaging9
MSMS 711Medical Biochemistry I5
MSMS 721Physiology I4

Semester 2 (or 3 if Summer is 2)

Course #Course TitleCredit Hours
MSMS 801Microbiology I4
MSMS 811Medical Biochemistry 25
MSMS 821Physiology 24
MSMS 831Neuroscience 5


Course #Course TitleCredit Hours
MSMS 840Medical Ethics1
MSMS 821Interprofessional Perspective in Health Disparities1
MSMS 860Histology 4