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Tuition Due Dates

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Tuition Due Dates

Tuition is due on the first day of the trimester unless you have signed up for the payment plan option. Student accounts that have not been paid by the first day of the trimester or signed up for a payment plan will be subject to Past Due Account Fees.

At a Glance

TrimesterTuition Due On
Summer 2024May 6, 2024
Fall 2024September 3, 2024
Spring 2025January 6, 2025

Billing Statements

Student will receive an unofficial billing statement approximately two weeks before the start of each trimester, assuming the student has registered for class. This billing statement is clearly marked unofficial and is considered unofficial as registration is still in progress. This billing statement will show your expected charges, financial aid and balance due as of the date printed. These billing statements are subject to change and students are encouraged to view their student account via the MyNU Student Portal for the most current information.

Note to Prerequisite Students

Professional program waivers are not posted until the second week of the trimester. Prerequisite students are expected to pay the balance due, minus the estimated professional program waiver amount, by the first day of the trimester. Payment plans are available to interested students.

Note to Prerequisite Students Receiving Financial Aid

Prerequisite students should be aware that their student loan proceeds are split into two equal disbursements with half being received at the beginning of the trimester and the remainder being received at the midpoint of the trimester. This means that it is possible your refund will be less than indicated on the unofficial billing statement or that you may not be eligible for your refund until the second disbursement is received.

We know that many students expect to use their loan refunds for living expenses. In order to accommodate this need, we do offer a tuition split option. This allows for your tuition charges to be split in half and billed in conjunction with your loan disbursements. If you are interested in the tuition split option, you may pick up a request form during the second week of the trimester at the cashier window located on the second floor of Janse Hall.