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National University has a long and proud history of generating and supporting original research in basic science, clinical science, and health science education. From 1995-2017, National University has received over $5.5 million in federal grant funding and over $1.5 million in private funding for research, and remains in the upper tier of complementary and alternative medical (CAM) institutions in the research field. National boasts many “firsts” in CAM research.

The benefits to students in being part of a university dedicated to research are profound, both in academic enrichment and in preparing for the future. In addition, through our evidence based practice program, we have integrated the use of research into our curriculum and campus culture university-wide.

Moving Forward

At National University we are excited about the future as we expand our research into a wider variety of topics in integrative medicine. We’re working to create new projects where experts from different medical specialties can collaborate together. Because of this, our students and faculty have the chance to be pioneers in research that could very well change modern medicine as we know it.

Research is another way National University is a leader in academic excellence, and broadening the knowledge needed to improve patient care in all medical professions.

Current Research

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