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Why National?

national university of health sciences floor seal

Why National?

National University of Health Sciences is the nation’s premier institution for health science education. Here you’ll find outstanding preparation in integrative health care professions such as chiropractic and naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and oriental medicine, and biomedical science.

Our Philosophy

At National University, a superior health care education starts with:

  • Evidence-Based Medicine
    Diagnostic and healing modalities based in sound science and clinical research
  • Broad-Scope Curriculum
    Evaluating the whole picture of a patient’s health, and applying a wide range of healing modalities
  • Patient-Centered Care
    Diagnosing and treating patients based on a thorough evaluation of their individual health profile and history
  • Integrative Medicine
    Knowing better patient outcomes are possible when professionals from different medical specialties work together

Our Academic Superiority

National University’s academic program is rigorous, uncompromising, and built on a solid foundation in the basic sciences. We maintain high admission standards for our students; for example, NUHS is the only accredited chiropractic degree program to require a bachelor’s degree. Students in the naturopathic medicine program are also required to have earned a baccalaureate degree. As a result, the student body at National University is of a higher academic caliber and our students score well above national averages on required board and licensure tests. They often become leaders in their professions, and credit National University as the reason for their confidence and success.

Our Career Preparation

As the world of health care moves toward integrative medicine, new opportunities are growing for complementary and alternative health care providers in hospitals, the military, nursing homes, and integrative care clinics. Our graduates are better positioned for these career opportunities. They are immersed in hands-on training in diagnosis and treatment methods, know how to co-manage cases with diverse specialists, and serve as a valued member of an integrative medical team.

Our History of Leadership

National University is respected worldwide as a leader in integrative medicine. A driving force for moving natural health care into mainstream medicine, we were the:

  • first to offer hospital experience to chiropractic students
  • first to push for national accreditation of chiropractic colleges
  • first to publish medically-indexed and peer reviewed scientific journals

Whenever you see natural health care gaining respect, advancing to a higher standard, National University and its graduates are there.

That’s how we’re defining the future of integrated health care.