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Students and Research

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Students and Research

research student with microscopeEvidence from research is the language of integrative medicine, because it can be understood and applied by all professionals in all specialties. That’s why at National University, research courses and seminars are one place where students from different degree programs learn together and discuss their findings.

You benefit by our commitment to research and evidence based practice during your studies through academic enrichment and in your future professional career after you graduate. At National University, we have integrated the use of research and evidence based practice into our entire curriculum and campus culture.

There are a variety of ways you can get involved with our exciting, ongoing research. We encourage you to explore these opportunities in the menu on the right.

Tessundra Sidden – ND Student, Research FellowTessundra Sidden – ND Student, Research Fellow
Tessaundra has been active in the university’s research department for the past 2.5 years, formerly as a research assistant and presently as a research fellow for Dr. Cramer. Her clinical interests include connective tissue disorders, nutrition, immunology, and homeopathy.

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