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Meet Our Biomedical Science Students

“One of the benefits here in the bachelor’s program is you can tailor it to fit your needs. If you want to focus more towards biology, you can. If you want to focus more toward the physical sciences, you can.”

“You’re always being taught by a doctor or by a professor — someone who specializes in the field you’re going into. You’re never being taught by a TA or a grad student. It’s always someone who is a professional in the field you’re going into. And that, to me, is very valuable.”

“You’re being taught by professors who actually care and who are part of the field that you are eventually going into. I’ve been taught by chiropractors, I’ve been taught by naturopaths… people who are passionate about what they’re teaching.”

“One reason I chose National University is that they have graduate level professors teaching at the undergraduate level. You can really go into depth with them on any questions you have. I’ve taken human physiology at other schools before, but never experienced the depth of what was taught in the same class here.”

“Most classes are taught by doctors in their career field. You always get more out of a class when the teacher has a passion for the subject they’re teaching. Your professors know who you are and care about your success.”


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