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Academic Assistance

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Academic Assistance

At National University, we understand that studying for health care professions can be demanding. That’s why we’re committed to helping you academically when you need it. Many of our students take advantage of one or more of our learning assistance or curriculum programs listed below.

Learning Assistance

Peer tutoring and faculty advising are two services that benefit students who desire assistance in their studies.

students learning with instructorFaculty Student Advisors
Every new professional degree student is paired with a faculty advisor before entering the program. In fact, you’ll have your first conversation with your faculty advisor before you register for your first class. This allows you to ask any academic questions and discuss options such as “Flex Tracks.” Your faculty advisor is a resource for you throughout your program.

Peer Tutoring Assistance
At National University, we support your academic success with free peer tutoring at both our Illinois and Florida locations.

Getting Started: At the beginning of each trimester, peer tutors offer new students a special presentation on “How to Survive the Basic Sciences,” packed with strategies that really work to improve study skills and grades. Also, a schedule of tutoring sessions and list of tutors is given to each student during orientation, and is posted each week on the online room calendar maintained by the NUHS Office of Student Services.

Weekly Sessions: Free weekly tutoring sessions are scheduled for most courses in the basic science curriculum. For any other course in any degree program, peer tutoring is offered on demand through the Office of Student Services. A typical peer tutoring session may help clarify points from lectures, labs, group discussions or assigned readings.

The Peer Advantage: Peer tutors are top students chosen by course instructors who meet stringent academic qualifications. Having already completed the course, they have insight on what will be expected of you in your exams. Tutors act as facilitators for student learning, while the student remains responsible for completing all actual coursework.

The tutoring programs are coordinated through the Office of Student Services.

Contact Student Services via email at [email protected], or by phone at 630-889-6542.

Accessible Faculty
The faculty at National University is eager to assist students in their academic and career goals. Faculty members post regular office hours outside their offices and on their syllabi so that any student may meet with them on course contents for extra help. Virtually all of your classes will be taught directly by your professor, which fosters a high degree of interaction between students and faculty on campus.

Customized Phase Curriculum for DC and ND Programs

Our phase curriculum can be adapted to an appropriate pace for students to succeed.

student learning in libraryFlex Tracks
Students may slow down and take less credit hours per term if needed. They can choose to take either Phase I or Phase II in 4, 5, or 6 trimesters. This will lengthen the total time to complete the program, but not the cost (total credit hours for the program remain the same).

Social Support

Professional and Academic Student Organizations
National University has several professional and academic student organizations that often host technique practice sessions, guest speakers, professional development seminars, and community service opportunities. Participation in one or more such groups will not only help you stay abreast of topics in your field, but will help you network with other future professionals for lifelong friendships.