Evidence Based Practice

Training in evidence based practice principles helps students, faculty and physicians know how to quickly zero in on the appropriate research and how to interpret it correctly. National University received a grant from the National Institutes of Health to launch and sustain its evidence based practice program. Our university now provides a wealth of resources to support evidence based practice training. 

Student Curriculum
National University incorporates classes in evidence based practice throughout its curriculum for professional degree students. In addition, students enjoy seminars, journal clubs and case-study presentations geared toward integrating research and evidence based practice principles into class work and clinical care. 

Faculty Development
Our faculty participates in special on-campus seminars that not only offer training in how to interpret research and use evidence based practice principles in the classroom, but also how to prepare and publish higher quality original research and case studies.

Our Department of Research maintains several online training tools, videos, calendars and databases for our university community. 

Independent Research Study
Because our evidence based practice program is now part of our entire curriculum and campus culture, there is a wide range of opportunities for students to get more involved.