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DC Faculty
nuhs students practicing chiropractic medicine

Meet Our Chiropractic Medicine Faculty

Watch video interviews and read profiles of faculty members teaching in the DC program National University’s Lombard campus. They are just a sampling of the several dozen professors and instructors in basic and clinical sciences that are part of chiropractic medicine instruction in our College of Professional Studies.

doctor kristine aikenhead

Aikenhead, Kristine

"Where can you get training that's science-based, that's going to take the whole person into consideration, that will give you a well-rounded approach that provides primary care preparation? At National, you're prepared in a primary care way."
William C Bogar

Bogar, William C.

"We prepare our students for an integrative medical environment. They know what an MRI will show versus a CAT scan versus a nuclear scan versus conventional radiography. They understand each of these modalities and what each is utilized for."

Avola, Molly C.

Molly C. Avola

Durocher, Stephanie

Stephanie Durocher Attending Clinician, NUHS Whole Health Center – Florida  Stephanie Durocher, DC, is currently serving as an Attending Clinician at the NUHS Whole Health Center in Pinellas Park, Florida.   […]

Guadagno, A. Carlo

"...There's a lot of emergency medicine involved in sports, and you'll be working alongside professionals from other specialties. That's why training in primary care is important, as well as feeling comfortable in an integrative medicine environment. Our students at National have these strengths going for them."