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Join us as National University of Health Sciences celebrates the Spring 2021 graduates in a Virtual Celebration!

The Celebration video will debut on Friday, April 23rd @ 10:00am Centeral Standard Time / 11:00am Eastern Time.

Follow the link below to view the celebration at the time above or any time thereafter!

StageClip | National University of Health and Sciences


Graduation Format - What to Expect

We are excited to share our Virtual Commencement Celebration with you! Here is how to tune in on the big day:

  • A link to the online celebration will be sent to each graduate, as well as every member of the NUHS community the week of the event.
  • The website will go live on Friday, April 23rd, 2021 and will remain live for a year. This means that if loved ones can't watch the day of, they can still celebrate your accomplishments at a later time! 
  • On the commencement website, there will be pre-recorded welcome videos, as well as student speeches.  
  • Each graduate also had the opportunity to create an individual slide for themselves with their name, degree and a self-selected photo in addition to a pre-recorded message for loved ones.


Graduate FAQs

What is my Commencement checklist?  Your checklist of things to complete before Commencement includes a few things you've probably already done, a few things that are required, and a few things that are completely optional. No matter your program, here are the things you need to take care of prior to the big day:

  1. Submit the Graduation Petition online from the Registrar's Office
  2. Order Herff Jones grad regalia
  3. Complete the instructions from Marching Order for your graduate slide: Submit the following information via Marching Order:
  • A professional headshot, grad photo, or nice picture of yourself (see below)
  • Your name, as you'd like it to be displayed
  • Phonetic pronunciation
  • Selfie Video
  • Personal Quote

Will I be on-camera? No. The graduation celebration is pre-recorded, meaning you won't have to be "on-camera" at any point. We would like to project your image along with your name, the program you are graduating from, and honors if applicable. If you would rather not have your image projected, please let us know.

How about grad photos? This year, NUHS is happy to offer professional headshots/graduate photos. Student Services will email you shortly regarding photo session details!

When will I get my diploma?  Your diploma will be either available for pick up after 4/23/21 or mailed to you after that date. The Registrar's Office can handle any questions about diploma printing directly.

So… do I have to participate?  If you don't want to, you don't have to (although we really hope you do!). The beauty of a virtual world is the option to opt-in to things… so if a virtual commencement isn't your jam, we totally understand. 

…can I still watch it back later? Yup! Recordings of each ceremony will be made available through NUHS's commencement site and various social media channels following the initial broadcast. Expect to see it, and be able to share it, by Friday, April 23rd.


Viewer FAQs

Will the celebration be held live? No, the celebration will be 100% pre-recorded. However, it will debut at a specific time so we'll be watching it at that time and invite you too as well, if you are able, or any time thereafter.

How can I support my grad(s)? We encourage all viewers to follow NUHS on Facebook or Instagram and leave a message of support to our grads on our April 23 posts!


View the Fall 2020 Virtual Celebration Here.