Student Research Success Stories

At National University, you can choose to engage in your own research projects that you work on independently, or seek to work on joint projects with faculty mentors. Many of our students have even published their research in scientific journals, or have presented their research at national conferences.

Here are a few of our stduent research success stories:

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Haley Doherty
Research Fellow, co-author with Dr. Madigan, "Outcome Measures in Public Health Service Programs", ACC RAC, March 14-16, 2019 Baltimore MD.


Jocelyn _Faydenko2

Jocelyn Faydenko
Co-Investigator/Co-Author with Dr (Fraser) Smith. CARDIAC BIOMARKERS: A WELL-VALIDATED CLINICAL TOOL. Student Scholarship Honorable Mention. NDNR. October 2018.




Greg Roytman
Research Fellow, co-author with Dr Cramer: Cramer G, Selby S, Cantu J, Roytman G. "A novel and accurate palpation method for identification of the L4 spinous process. 2019 Experimental Biology conference". San Diego, CA.


Jennifer Storch (Dec 2017 BS grad), J Cambron. "Yoga and PTSD: Improving Emotion-Regulation". J Yoga and Physiotherapy. 2018. 4(5).


ACASC2018-Addison Ozakyol Win

Addison Ozakyol
"Assessment and Management of Subacromial Impingement Syndrome and Front Crawl Swimming Pathomechanics" American Chiropractic Association Sports Council Symposium, Oct 5-6, 2018. Minneapolis, MN.