Student Research Success Stories

At National University, you can choose to engage in your own research projects that you work on independently, or seek to work on joint projects with faculty mentors. Many of our students have even published their research in scientific journals, or have presented their research at national conferences.

Here are a few of our stduent research success stories:

2017-Madigan -Edit Copy 2Dana Madigan - DC/MPH Student
Dana researched access to chiropractic care in the country of Ghana, and presented her research at the American Public Health Association. Dana was also the first DC student selected for the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, and the first graduate of the coordinated DC/MPH degree program.


Jonathanotten Jonathan Otten - ND Student
Jonathan co-authored an article on how Vitamin D affects the health of the central nervous system. He worked with faculty member Dr. Daniel Richardson, and saw his article published in The Original Internist.


Lauren Camer Lauren Camer - MT Student
Lauren did case study research on a boy with balance problems and ended up presenting a research poster at the American Massage Therapy Association's national convention.



Nate PorcherNate Porcher - DC Student
As a student, Nate wrote a research article on sports-related concussions that was later published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine after he graduated. He had originally given a presentation on the research at the 2012 Chiropractic Sports Symposium.


DariuslembertDarius Lembert - ND Student
Darius co-authored an article on abnormal postural changes in children with cerebral palsy that was published in the international journal, The Medical Science Monitor.



JakelavereJake LaVere - DC Student
Jake presented a research poster at the ACA Sports Council Symposium covering results from his study on limiting injuries in CrossFit programs through improving baseline assymetries and imbalances.


Erickorzen Eric Korzen - DC Student
Eric gave a podium presentation at the 2013 Chiropractic Sports Sciences Symposium on developing a physical medicine checklist for improving patient outcomes. He co-authored his study with faculty members Dr. Thomas Solecki and Dr. Kevin Curtin.