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DC Graduates
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Chiropractic Medicine Graduates

Integrative Medicine and Specialized Care

Dr. Brian Hutcheson recently joined the staff of Hope Health, a medical provider with nine community health centers in South Carolina, and a base of 32,000 patients. He is their first chiropractic physician and will help develop their integrative medicine section.

Dr. Eric Brennan joined a practice in Pennsylvania specializing in prenatal and postpartum care. “My NUHS education as a primary care doctor has helped me communicate with other health care providers and know how to co-manage all types of conditions.”

Dr. Janet Lintala brings a multi-faceted approach to patients with autism, helping to restore function and reduce symptoms that accompany this diagnosis. She credits her broad-scope training at National for giving her the skills she’s used to develop a successful practice in West Virginia.

“NUHS gave me the foundation of knowledge that I have built upon to work with children with special needs. Many of my patients come to me first with ear infections, fevers, or illnesses, prior to going to their pediatricians. I learned how to be a primary care provider at NUHS.”

Dr. Thomas O’Bryan is a leading expert in gluten and other food sensitivities, and has traveled the world speaking to health care professionals on these issues. Hear more about how he launched his successful career with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from NUHS.

Sports Medicine

Dr. Alden Clendenin practices in downtown Chicago where his Chicago Chiropractic and Sports Injury Centers boast four clinics. He uses his education in treating hundreds of professional athletes in major league baseball, professional hockey, football, and more.

Dr. Curtis Maynard has been the chiropractic physician to the Arizona Cardinals NFL football team since 1998. His chose a career as a DC after receiving chiropractic care for a sports injury. The physician he worked with recommended National as a great choice in chiropractic schools.

Dr. Randy Cybulski combined his DC degree with previous experience as an NFL football player and an athletic trainer, into a successful private practice in chiropractic sports medicine.

Successful Private Practice

“There are a lot of doors opening for us. You don’t have to focus on just manual manipulation, though it is one of the most powerful tools in our toolbox. You can specialize in rehab, nutrition, or pediatrics. More people are seeking chiropractic physicians for different reasons, so specialization will increase.”

“National provided me an excellent base of core knowledge essential in me becoming who I am today.” And today, Dr. Cantu is a leading chiropractic radiologist and a Virginia Chiropractor of the Year.

“I’m very proud to be a National grad. National is very progressive in terms of their focus on not just dealing with structural problems — it’s looking at the total health of the patient. It prepares you to go forth and become a great diagnostician.”

International Leaders

Since graduating from National University, Dr. Corboz has enjoyed a successful chiropractic practice in his home town of Annecy, France. He has served as a leader in several French chiropractic organizations, and has played a powerful role in expanding the understanding and acceptance of the chiropractic profession in France.

A National University education is a Takeyachi tradition with four family members as alumni. All the Takeyachi doctors are honored leaders in Japanese chiropractic practice, teaching and research. “We in the Takeyachi family are proud of our accomplishments in Japan, but none would have been possible without the support of our alma mater.”

“I firmly believe that National gave me the best evidence-based education. I think National has the best anatomy education and the best clinical and diagnostic curriculum in the world. They took no short cuts, even if many students thought it was too hard.”


National University graduate Dr. Anthony V. D’Antoni authored the ankle and foot chapter of the new 41st edition of Gray’s Anatomy British reference version, and lauds his rigorous anatomy education at NUHS.

Dr. Joshua Little is an assistant professor at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine where he is part of an international team researching the underlying mechanisms of chronic pain. “NUHS developed my appreciation and desire to perform research, providing me with a wide spectrum of learning opportunities.”