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After You Graduate

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Research: After You Graduate

National University’s commitment to research will make you a more valuable and effective health care professional. Why?

  • Knowing how to find and interpret research evidence can help you unravel a difficult diagnosis or clinical case in your future practice.
  • Your experience from National University will help you find the best and most relevant new research quickly so you can stay abreast of advances in your health care field, and in other branches of integrative medicine.
  • Learning how to prepare a well-structured case study can help you publish in professional and scientific journals, adding important credentials and respect to your career portfolio while helping others in your profession.
  • You may also further your education after graduation by participating in NUHS’ postgraduate residency in research.

Nate Porcher – DC StudentNate Porcher – DC Student
As a student, Nate wrote a research article on sports-related concussions that was later published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine after he graduated. He had originally given a presentation on the research at the 2012 Chiropractic Sports Symposium.

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