Student Services

Internal Complaints

NUHS Internal Complaint Process

NUHS expects that any student complaint will be filed in accordance with the procedures currently in place at the institution before seeking a resolution from a state or federal agency or any of the University's accreditation bodies. In the absence of or unfamiliarity with a procedure, the complaint should be filed with the Office of Student Services in the Caruth HEC-Annex in Florida or Janse Hall in Illinois.

How to file an Internal Academic or Non-Academic Complaint

In order to ensure an effective response, initial grievance should be prepared in a typed or written format. Complainants should describe the issue in their own words, and include their full name and contact information. Complainants should also include dates and any college officials that were involved or have been contacted. Any supporting documentation, such as emails or other correspondence should be included in order to help others understand the nature, context, actions, or events that lead to the grievance. Finally, the complainant should state what, if any, remedy is sought. NUHS is committed to resolving complaints at the earliest and most informal level, conducting internal investigations in a timely and effective manner, adhering to the procedures as outlined, and providing prompt corrective action if discrimination is believed to have occurred. The date upon which a written complaint is received shall be referred to as the date of complaint. NUHS will make every reasonable attempt to resolve all complaints within 60 days.

Students may submit an online complaint by completing the form linked below:

Opportunity to submit supporting documentation, such as emails or other correspondence in order to help others understand the nature, context, actions, or events that lead to the complaint can be submitted to Student Services.

NOTE: No student will be subjected to any form of retaliation as a result of an earnest, good faith filing of a complaint. See: NUHS Non-Retaliation Policy