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Medical Qi Gong

by Sep 23, 2022

The Fall trimester is well underway. I am currently in my fourth trimester and have the honor of seeing patients. At this point I am in a rhythm or so I thought…I am taking a Medical Qi Gong class and I have found a new passion. To be completely honest, I was not looking forward to this class AT ALL!! The class begins at 8:00 p.m. and ends at 9:50 p.m. I live approximately an hour and 30 minutes away from NUHS. When class started, I was distracted. My mind was bombarded with thoughts of construction, lane closures, food and sleep.

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When the instructor began explaining the tenets of Qi Gong, I forced myself to focus. Next, she told us to stand and begin…when I started doing the movements my mind settled and I felt a sense of calmness overtake me. Qi Gong helps to cultivate energy and prevents stagnated Qi. This is an oversimplified definition, but I am new to this form of energy work. We ended the class seated in lotus or whatever position that was comfortable and meditated. We were told to repeat a mantra silently. When we were done, I felt invigorated and almost giddy after a long day.

Now I am looking forward to next Thursday! I have been researching Medical Qi Gong and watching videos. I am glad to have an instructor who is amazing, because I need to learn in person. Watching a video and learning does not come naturally to me. I have included a website below that helped me understand the benefits and purpose of Medical Qi Gong.

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Monique Carter

Monique Carter

My name is Monique Carter and I am a student in National University's AOM program. I chose this program because the basic tenets of Chinese Acupuncture and Herbs align with a holistic healing process that is steeped in years of tradition and research. I anticipate that learning these skills and applying this knowledge will allow me to help many in need. Starting this journey at the age of 49 has been humbling as well as life-changing, I am excited and grateful!


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