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Our six unique blogs cover a broad variety of integrative health topics and news from industry sources as well as NUHS students, staff, and faculty! These online articles provide critical insights about the integrative health industry, career information about complementary and alternative medicine, and provide an exclusive look at life on campus as a NUHS student!

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Our Blogs

The Future of Integrative Health

A guide for aspiring health industry professionals that covers a wide range of topics. Discover the latest insights in the field of integrative health.

Chiropractic Medicine Student Blog (Florida)

Experience the NUHS Doctor of Chiropractic program with a firsthand account from a DC student at NUHS Florida.


Chiropractic Medicine Student Blog (Illinois)

Learn more about the Doctor of Chiropractic program and chiropractic topics from a DC student at our Illinois campus.


Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Student Blog

Gain insights into Eastern Medicine Practices from a student in our Acupuncture and CHM programs at the Illinois campus.


Naturopathic Medicine Student Blog

Get updates and inside information about Naturopathic Medicine from a ND student at our Illinois campus.


Biomedical Science

Insights, career news, and information on the Bachelor in Biomedical Science degree program at our Illinois campus.


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