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Introduction: Addison Ozakyol, Doctor of Chiropractic Student

by May 17, 2018

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Hello! My name is Addison Ozakyol and I am currently in my third trimester in the Doctor of Chiropractic Program at NUHS – Florida. I moved here to Florida about eight months ago and it’s a big change from what I’m used to, but I love it so far. I am originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, which – for those of you not familiar with it – is home to sprawling mountains and desert scenery, spicy green chile, an international hot air balloon fiesta, and of course Breaking Bad. That being said, adopting the beach lifestyle came with a bit of a “culture shock,” but I love my new home so close to the water.


In my free time I try to enjoy an active lifestyle. I played water polo and swam for almost my whole life. Since moving here I joined a free “masters” triathlon team that trains on the beach a few times a week and competes in everything from runs to swims and obstacle course races on the occasional weekend. I am one of the youngest members of the team but thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie I get from my older friends from the area.

As far as my academic background, for my undergraduate studies I attended the University of New Mexico and graduated with a B.S. in Athletic Training and a minor in Psychology. My program was challenging, but studying sports medicine prepared me a little to begin learning about chiropractic medicine.

Now, how did I decide to pursue chiropractic instead of athletic training? Well, to start, back in high school I found out that I have two extra ribs in my neck (cervical ribs) which cause a range of symptoms down into my arms and hands (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome – TOS). Playing multiple sports became a challenge and I started to seek help to manage and treat my symptoms. I started receiving care from my high school athletic trainer and an ART certified chiropractor, and between the two I not only began to return fully to my athletics but also began to develop an interest in health care. I soon learned that the scope of practice for chiropractors is broader than athletic trainers, providing a different range of treatments to be made available for patients. After experiencing how much chiropractic care can help someone I knew that I want to do whatever it takes to provide the best care possible to my future patients.  

I look forward to moving further into my program and learning everything that chiropractic has to offer. I hope to bring useful content to this blog and give readers a good idea of what life is like here at NUHS – Florida.

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected].

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About the Author

Addison Ozakyol

Addison Ozakyol

My name is Addison Ozakyol and I am currently in my tenth and final trimester of the Doctor of Chiropractic Program here at NUHS - Florida. I am eagerly approaching graduation and look forward to practicing with an emphasis in sports medicine and acupuncture. I hope to bring useful content to this blog and showcase what life is like here at NUHS - Florida.


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