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by Mar 13, 2020

Somewhere in the past few weeks, the half-way point in my chiropractic clinical internship experience came and went. The weather is becoming warm again, and by the end of summer, I will be able to call myself Dr. Sarah.

While I have learned a lot during this time in clinic, there are a lot of areas where I still need to grow. I have been pretty happy with my morning clinic shift; I get to pick the brains of two very knowledgeable clinicians daily. There is something to be said about no longer having any classes to attend; I now have the time to put research into the areas that are of interest to me. Learning is focused on the realm of practical application, where gathering information about the conditions affecting the people under my care is my main concern. In the past, I have written about how patients are the best teachers, and it is no less accurate now. Their outcomes are now the barometer of success and failure.

My cohort has gotten closer during this experience as well. At least in my case, I went from knowing very little about the people I was entering clinic with, because of the way that I built my schedule to meet the requirements of the two programs. I have grown to appreciate the different ways we can approach patient care and get results, and now I have a pretty good idea of who I can rely on and for what when a patient isn’t responding how I would like.


We’ve all been preparing for boards talking about our future plans. All of my board exams are scheduled, and I now know that I will be making a trip to Iowa with many other people from our class in May to take part 4. This past Friday, we planned a barbeque potluck as a fun way to end the week and enjoy each others company. 

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Sarah Montesa

Sarah Montesa

My name is Sarah, and I have been a student on the NUHS Lombard campus since Fall of 2014. Right now, I am pursuing dual degrees in Chiropractic and Oriental Medicine.


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