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Alden Clendenin, DC, CCSP

alden clendenin dc, san francisco giantsMeet National University graduate and sports medicine expert, Alden Clendenin, DC. Dr. Clendenin graduated with his DC in 1996 and earned his CCSP through National University’s postprofessional college in 1999. He practices in downtown Chicago where his Chicago Chiropractic and Sports Injury Centers boasts two offices–one in the Loop and one near Wrigley Field in Lincoln Park.

Dr. Clendenin serves as a chiropractic physician for eight major league baseball teams when they breeze into the Windy City to play either at the north side home of the National League or the south side home of the American League.

“Most of the guys will hop on my table before batting practice,” Dr. Clendenin says. “They find that they play better after they get an adjustment.” Dr. Clendenin most recently became the official chiropractor for the Chicago Cubs. “I’ve been treating in the visiting team clubhouse for years. It was exciting to finally be in the home team’s clubhouse,” he notes.

Recipient of a Care of Elite and Professional Athletes award in 2004, Dr. Clendenin is also owner of a hockey rink. Consequently, he provides care to and often skates with many NHL players in the off-season.

“Being from Ohio, which encompasses WGN’s expansive broadcast range, made me a Cubs fan practically from birth. I appreciate the coincidence that I ended up working with the team,” says Clendenin.

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