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Sports Medicine Excellence

If you seek a career emphasis in chiropractic sports medicine, NUHS is an excellent choice.

Become One of Our Successful Sports Medicine Grads


Alden Clendenin, DC

Imagine being an official chiropractor for the Chicago Cubs, and working with dozens of major league team players. Dr. Clendenin is just one of our grads working with professional teams.


Cybulski Randy Cybulski, DC

With previous experience as an NFL player and athletic trainer, Dr. Cybulski has built an impressive sports medicine practice in only three years.


Curtis Maynard PortraiCurtis Maynard, DC

Team DC for the Arizona Cardinals NFL football team, Dr. Maynard credits his primary care education from National University for successful teamwork with orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, MDs and physical therapists.


Choosing Between a Career in Chiropractic Medicine or Physical Therapy?

Chiropractic physicians enjoy a number of career advantages compared to physical therapists or certified athletic trainers. Learn more about these advantages and hear from NUHS graduate Dr. Randy Cybulski on why a DC degree could be a better choice for your long-term goals.

Be a Sports Medicine Research Success Story

Photo of Jake Lavere Jake LaVere - DC Student

Jake presented a research poster at the ACA Sports Council Symposium on from his study on limiting injuries in CrossFit programs through improving baseline assymetries and imbalances.

Photo of Eric Korzen Eric Korzen - DC Student

Eric gave a podium presentation at the 2013 Chiropractic Sports Sciences Symposium on developing a physical medicine checklist for improving patient outcomes. He co-authored his study with faculty members Dr. Thomas Solecki and Dr. Kevin Curtin.

Participate in Outreach at Leading Sports Events

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High Profile Tournaments and Events
From the Walt Disney World Marathon to the Miami Judo Grand Prix, to international volleyball tournaments, our DC students treat a wide range of elite and amateur athletes.


Sports Events for Major Charities
DC interns work at the American Cancer Society's "Relays for Life," the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure, and more.



Community Sports Events
Treat children and adults with special needs at a local track and field meet, or runners at Chicago's Chinatown 5K.


Expand Your Education

Take advantage of the many continuing education seminars and weekend courses focused on sports medicine. As a DC sudent, you'll receive a substantial discount. Recent courses include:

  • Imaging of Athletic Injuries
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Series
  • Building a Sports Chiropractic Practice
  • Current Concepts in Concussion and Sports Nutrition

Join Our Campus Clubs

  • Sports Rehab Club - Illinois
  • Sports Council - Florida
  • ND Sports Medicine - Illinois
  • Sports & Recreation Clubs (Yoga, Basketball, Soccer, Running & Walking Club, and more...)