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Jean-Robert Corboz, DC

Dr. Jean-Robert Corboz graduated with a DC degree from National in 1970.  Since that time, he has enjoyed a successful chiropractic practice in his home town of Annecy, France. He has also served as a leader in several French chiropractic organizations, and has played a powerful role in expanding the understanding and acceptance of the chiropractic profession in France.

Dr. Corboz was the Vice President of the French Chiropractic Association from 1971- 1979, and has been a spokesperson in the media for the Association for several years. He also serves on the Academy Council of L’Institute Franco-European du Chiropratique, one of two chiropractic schools in France, located in Paris. In this video, he explains how chiropractic medicine gained official recognition in France in 2011. He also shares his views on the evolution of National University of Health Sciences and the importance of chiropractic medicine retaining a broad-scope of care.

When you graduate from National University of Health Sciences, you are part of our proud heritage of international chiropractic leadership.

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