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2018 Center for Education and Development of Clinical Homeopathy (CEDH) Dinner

by Mar 9, 2018

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Student life doesn’t give you too much freedom to attend social or networking events, but I do my best to keep up with everything that interests me. Most of the time I’m disappointed that I can’t attend events happening during evenings when I have classes, but I keep telling myself there will be time for all these things after graduation.

Last Wednesday, I chose to skip one class and attend the CEDH dinner to learn what’s new and to stay on top of the “flu” with homeopathy protocols.


In case you haven’t read my older posts, last year I registered for the CEDH training in homeopathy and took advantage of the student discounted price. Even if last year I haven’t made it to all monthly trainings — mostly because of my extensive travel — the lifetime membership gives me the possibility to retake any training whenever it comes again in the area. This year I’m trying to make up for the dermatology one that I missed while training in Japan last March.

I confess I think I love homeopathy even more than herbs; Chinese or not, homeopathy is so much cheaper–not to forget that for a new practitioner it is so much easier to stock up and keep an inventory in your new office.

Every time I think about graduation, I automatically think about loans, how fast six months are going to pass, and then I’ll see that wonderful email reminding me loan payment should start soon. With that in mind, I always make calculations what I should carry in my office in the beginning. I can tell you from the start it’s not going to be any kind of herbs, nor even patents. I don’t really see the point of investing in something like that while you’re building up your client base.

CEDH dinner was the perfect combination of connecting with other healthcare practitioners (MDs, NDs, RDs, etc.), consolidating my homeopathy knowledge when it comes to flu, and learning about the new Post Graduate trainings that CEDH is starting to offer this year.

If you want to learn more about CEDH and their training check my older post: Homeopathy and Oriental Medicine.

If you have any other questions related to homeopathy, or how am I planning to integrate everything in my practice, you can always write me at: [email protected].

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