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Weight is a Big Issue!!

by Mar 22, 2024

I am sure we have heard or seen the diabetes mediations that are being used for weight loss. In this country weight is a big deal, the weight loss industry makes billions. Many invest in plastic surgery to miracle weight loss medicines. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist with a certification in Lymphatic Drainage massage. Word got around and during the pandemic when everything was shut down guess who was still in business…Plastic Surgeons. I mean it makes good fiscal sense. Many were quarantined and working from home. I had many clients who needed lymphatic drainage massages after their procedures. Before I saw the results, I was on my high horse saying I WOULD NEVER!!! After witnessing the post-surgical results, I was like WOWZERS! I learned there are many ways to finance the surgery or even make payments.

I had to develop a protocol to see this new group of clients. If they got their procedures done outside of the United States, especially by certain doctors, I would not see them. Also, if they did not get the anti-clotting shot, I would not see them. Many of the clients would have surgery then fly home 2-3 days later.

Now we have the Ozempic and Jardiance drugs. I have friends who have been taking this for a while and have been buying it from sketchy places. I am not at the AMA ideal weight I was before having two kids in the same year via C-section. Then having two hysterectomy surgeries via the same bikini cut. But that is another blog post LOL. I am sharing to explain I understand the feeling of not being at the weight where one looks and feels their absolute best.

I see patients in the AHM clinic for weight loss. It is a slow process, determining the right herbs then establishing a great acupuncture treatment strategy. One patient has lost 15 lbs. and has added exercising before work into her schedule. But it was a journey, lifestyle changes are hard to turn into a habit it takes time. Also grace and acceptance is paramount. No one starts out in life striving to be overweight. A sickness, grief, depression, or bad eating habits are a few reasons people gain weight. Or, being a stressed-out student with late classes can pack on the pounds. But life is beautiful and has its peaks and valleys. Another thing we need to factor in is genetics — but again that’s another blog post. I am not sure where this post was supposed to go but I am concerned for our bodies and the self-love at every stage of life we find ourselves in.

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About the Author

Monique Carter

Monique Carter

My name is Monique Carter and I am a student in National University's AOM program. I chose this program because the basic tenets of Chinese Acupuncture and Herbs align with a holistic healing process that is steeped in years of tradition and research. I anticipate that learning these skills and applying this knowledge will allow me to help many in need. Starting this journey at the age of 49 has been humbling as well as life-changing, I am excited and grateful!


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