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Winter Bliss

by Feb 16, 2018

I think most people in the Chicago area hate snow and winter in general. Unfortunately for them, we just got one foot of snow exactly when everybody was already thinking about spring and warmer weather.

I might be weird, but I’m still enjoying snow as much as I enjoyed it as a child. I’m forever in love with the fresh and crisp air when snow starts falling down. Nothing beats that freshness!


So, here I am not only enjoying fresh snow, but also a long weekend. School closed on Friday, and then Thursday evening class was canceled. Imagine me doing the happy dance and counting all the free hours that I get to enjoy and all the needed sleep! If you ask me about the most valuable thing in my life right now I won’t lie…it’s my dear friend, sleep. I reached that point where I can even sleep in an airplane — and that never ever happens to me.

I’m also happy to report the first round of exams is done so now I’m moving to studying for Biomed Board. Some other trainings are waiting their turn, but I decided Biomed exam is more important, so it’s next on my list.

Time is flying faster and faster, and each day I find myself crossing things off my list: I signed up for my last 8 clinic shifts for next trimester (aka you’ll find me in clinic every day including Saturday), I’m registered for CNT certification happening in April at NUHS (you’ll need it for NCCAOM), I registered for and bought my flight for Vancouver Integrative Fertility Symposium, trying to decide if I want to practice in downtown or not, and so much more…!

The good news is that next weekend it will be another long weekend and I get to rest some more and take another look at my priorities list to see what’s in store for the next couple of weeks. My list/schedule is definitely not perfect. Sometimes I decide to take a training right before the starting day, and sometimes I decide against it and choose a break instead. I do like perfection, but I learned it’s not happening for me during this program, so I’m doing my best at trying to fit in as many good things as possible.

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Iuliana Lixandru

Iuliana Lixandru

Hello! I'm Iuliana and I'm a student at National University of Health Sciences in the Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) program.


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