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When Raising Independent Kids Backfires!!

by Jul 7, 2023

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Ugh, Ugh, Ugh…so my kids are now 19 (Sheridan) and 18 (Dustin). So, my daughter wanted to drive to her college friend’s house in Indianapolis for the July 4th weekend. I suggested that she take a flight. Well, the flights were not only exorbitant, but ridiculously exorbitant. She would have had to fly to Atlanta first to get to Indianapolis. The train was expensive, and she looked at me like she wanted to call DCFS when I suggested the Greyhound Bus.

I have a niece who graduated from Butler who still has friends in Indy, and she did not talk to me for a day when I suggested a copilot. Sheridan wanted to drive listen to her music and relax. Finally, I gave in after she said, “well you raised me to be independent so what is the problem?” I explained that I have grown to like her, and I need ROI: return on my investment. NUHS has depleted my retirement fund, so my kids are my nest egg. Do you realize how hard it is to stalk your children while studying for midterms? I had a Nutrition final as well.

Before the Indy debacle, my son applied to Amazon. I was like…WHY??? Can’t you work at McDonald’s…somewhere that is not a factory? He must take a college placement test, because he does not want to use his SAT scores. He has yet to divulge the scores. I tried to explain to him that he should probably study for the placement exam, and working at Amazon would leave little time for studying. Well…after he added up the hourly pay for McDonald’s versus Amazon, guess which job won? Amazon. And currently he is the richest person in the house. He researched a high yield savings account, and is diversifying his financial portfolio.

Meanwhile I am having mixed emotions, because they no longer just do what I say. They have rebuttals, and great ones, too. Sheridan is still in Indy. She started the drive back this morning, but went back to her friend’s house, because the weather was bad.

Overall, I am grateful, and I am trying my best not to burden them with my fears and anxieties. I want to wrap them in bubble wrap and keep them safe at home. But alas, I have reared independent determined children, and I gotta just deal with it!

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Monique Carter

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