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Tri-4 Group Makes It to the FCA

by Sep 17, 2021

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Our short two-week break is definitely over as we now stride through the second week of the trimester, but the exhilarating community feeling we felt attending the Florida Chiropractic Association (FCA) Convention over the break still resonates. It was a weekend filled with networking and getting free swag!

I am currently rocking a pair of NUHS socks as I type this blog. All-in-all, the FCA ended up being a wonderful weekend that brought our classmates closer, and we had the chance to catch up with professors (including our Dean, Dr. Strauss) outside a classroom setting. It was very interesting to meet other chiropractors and discuss beneficial products with different vendors.

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Walking through the convention gave me a feeling of encouragement that I am truly in the field and my path toward earning the DC degree will come soon! It was nice to step out of the academics and let my mind wander on what type of chiropractic tables I would like, what marketing tools I’d like to use, and what supplements I could offer future patients. This event was refreshing and gave me that motivation to start my fourth trimester, which has been going through smoothly so far. Now that we are on our last first-phase trimester, I truly feel comfortable with where I stand, my progress throughout the program, and how to manage academics and life.

For those joining the NUHS community, welcome! Reach out upper tri students for tips, join as many clubs as you can…and as always, come to Open Lab!


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Alexandra Simic Hachmann

Alexandra Simic Hachmann

My name is Alexandra Simic Hachmann and I am currently in my 8th trimester of the Doctor of Chiropractic program here at NUHS - Florida. I am officially an intern at the HEC clinic! I have obtained a B.A. in Biology and Biomedical Sciences, as well as a Master of Medical Science degree. While I believe my educational background has helped me succeed in this challenging program, I appreciate all the professors’ efforts in helping us excel and prepare for our careers. As a hands-on visual learner, I am embracing the palpation courses and anatomy labs offered! I am still determining which field in chiropractic I would like to pursue; thus, readers should stick around to discover this with me! I hope to bring insightful content to this blog and demonstrate what student life is like at NUHS in sunny Florida.


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