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The Long Haul

When my old Nissan Xterra passed 200,000 miles this week, I was reminded of the reliability, longevity and commitment to completing a naturopathic medical degree.


How appropriate that this weekend saw the passing of our school's presidency from Dr. James Winterstein to Dr. Joseph Stiefel. Dr. Winterstein's leadership of NUHS for the past 27 years has seen his overseeing of the expansion of National from a college to a university with multiple professional, graduate and undergraduate programs both in Illinois and Florida. The most notable to me was the reintroduction of the naturopathic program to National's campus in 2006.

Dr. Winterstein led the effort to bring naturopathic medicine back to NUHS after a more than 50-year hiatus. He met resistance and persevered, with reliable commitment to the cause of naturopathic primary care being taught at our university. Dr. Winterstein's philosophy as a chiropractic physician is that chiropractors are primary care physicians and are responsible for screening each patient who visits a practice. He took that noble rule of thumb and expanded it to include the naturopathic program on our campus.

Dr. Winterstein had to be patient, persistent and committed to obtain his goal of returning the naturopathic medical degree to our campus. He had to recruit knowledgeable, dedicated leaders and educators to work at an upstart program in the Midwest, about as far away ideologically and culturally as one can get from the existing naturopathic schools in the far western states at the time. Yet, he brought in Dr. Fraser Smith and Dr. Louise Edwards to build a naturopathic program with a sound basis in naturopathic philosophy. He lent a guiding hand and mentored our leaders to accreditation within seven years of inception of the program and has left a thriving naturopathic college on the campus of National University of Health Sciences!


I'm certain Dr. Stiefel will continue the excellence exhibited by Dr. Winterstein and his "200,000-mile" effort in bringing back a vibrant naturopathic medical school, which is improving with each trimester! Thanks to you, Dr. Winterstein, for your leadership and may you have a long, healthy and joyful tenure as President Emeritus!