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The Countdown Begins

Well, here we 10th Trimester Interns sit working on our final 'check-offs', competency skill evaluations, and patient numbers.

Between the patient visits, acting as mentors for our rising classmates, completing outreach hours for the clinic, sitting and discussing conditions with our clinicians, preparing our grand rounds presentations, and double checking charting and paperwork, we don't have much time for anything else.


For some reason, I thought this part of the internship experience would be a time to sit back, relax and enjoy the clinical experience. I suppose I was pretty far off target on this notion. I am thoroughly enjoying myself however. The clinicians have given the 10th Trimester Interns a bit more autonomy with the diagnoses, treatment plans and conversations with our patients. We are now expected to train our underclassmen in clinic protocol, procedures and patient interaction. This is an exciting time!

The clinic is hopping today and is chock full of naturopathic patients! What a great problem to have in our little clinic! The word seems to be getting out about the services, therapies and treatments available at the NUHS Whole Health Center.

As the weather changes, the temps rise and spring arrives here in Chicagoland, the NUHS Whole Health Center, the naturopathic medical school and our students are rising to the occasion, growing and sharing our knowledge, skills and healing therapies with our neighbors in greater numbers!

My Final Trimester

Hi, everyone! Welcome back for my final trimester! 

I hope each of you had a wonderful holiday season and you were able to be with the ones you love! This has been quite the four and a half year journey at NUHS. It began with my prerequisite classes in Fall 2009, through the basic science curriculum of the naturopathic program, the clinical course portion of my education, and now culminates with the Internship for the past year.

A sunrise view of downtown Chicago from the window of the Salvation Army Clinic (beautiful!)

My winter break consisted of time at the main clinic at the NUHS Whole Health Center in Lombard as well as time at the Salvation Army clinic in downtown Chicago, along with my part-time job. Great for getting patient visits, patient hours and income, yet not much break time.

I also had to finish my final Grand Rounds presentation as a naturopathic intern at NUHS over the break as I was the first to present this trimester (sometimes having a name starting with 'A' has its drawbacks). :) My topic was about a suitable treatment for Lyme disease when prescription antibiotics have failed to eradicate the disease. It is titled "Can Dipsacus sylvestris (Teasel Root) administration with concurrent biofilm reduction diminish the presence of chronic Borrelia burgdorferi?"

2014-01-16_timIn this presentation, I examined Lyme disease distribution globally, its associated stages and symptoms, treatment with antibiotics, and antibiotic efficacy based upon in vivo studies. Next, I compared researched methods of biofilm reduction along with a look at Teasel's effectiveness versus Borrelia burgdorferi (the bacteria that causes Lyme). Finally, I outlined a treatment plan for a chronic Lyme patient along with body systems support. This protocol is quite promising for reducing the presence of Lyme, yet the topic was very hard to keep focused, as Lyme is such a complicated and fascinating disease to understand, formulate a plan of attack, and treat.

Well, enough about Lyme and the clinics. I promised to talk about naturopathic philosophy this trimester and I will follow through on that promise. Beginning next week, I will talk of the basic tenets that we follow in our philosophy at NUHS, a solid foundation that sets NUHS apart from the other ND schools. I may just look back a bit at my time here throughout the trimester as well.

Until next week, stay warm and talk to you soon!