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Thoughts on Business

by Nov 15, 2019

This trimester specifically has had a lot of “really useful for life” coursework, learning about things like risk management and business ethics. As one of the requirements for class this trimester, we are supposed to have our business plan evaluated by someone in the field of business, accounting, or banking to judge whether or not it is financially sound. I should add for those of you who have not started your student journey or would like to know we have going on in the curriculum for our professional programs, that by this point in the game, we already have a few business classes under our belts.


Business Plan Development

Because of this, I have a collection of documents from class assignments that all have some purpose for life outside of school. It has now been a year since I first put together my business and marketing plans, and let me tell you, looking at them now, they say almost nothing about the type of practice that I want to create. I cannot believe how much the idea of what I want to do has changed in such a short time. Being in the clinic has had the most influence on my change of heart; it’s funny what a little bit of experience can do!

So, now I am ripping the documents apart and refashioning them into something that will hopefully secure me the loan that I will need to begin practicing in just a few short months. This assignment has quickly become one of the most important things I have on my school-related agenda, as my success with it will play a part in whether or not I will be able to pay my rent this time next year. The framework that I have been given to work within is pretty good. So now, I to reflect on what will work best for my practice.

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Sarah Montesa

Sarah Montesa

My name is Sarah, and I have been a student on the NUHS Lombard campus since Fall of 2014. Right now, I am pursuing dual degrees in Chiropractic and Oriental Medicine.


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