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The Power of Community

by Sep 22, 2017

What were the forces that helped shape the greatest nation in modern history? Sure, much of it had to do with the arduous journey, fraught with peril. A dangerous journey that only attracted the most ambitious, the most fervent, and those with the most conviction. Those attributes are the foundation of success; a melange that created the American Dream. Furthermore, those who found their way to the new world, were alone in a foreign land, confronted with a harsh environment with no other option but to rediscover farming strategies that had largely been lost to the onslaught of technology. In order to survive, they banded together in tight-knit communities. Together they survived and planted the seeds of a great nation.

Surprise birthday party out on the lake!

Without their collective strength, insight, and skill they wouldn’t have survived. It was the bond of community that enabled success. This is something that has proved true time and time again throughout history. Our species’ survival and proliferation, in environments as diverse as the arctic, is largely due to group selection. The presence of an oversized family unit – a community. With such a community comes an intimate understanding of the members, their strengths and weaknesses. And with understanding, comes true democracy – elevating the needs of the community above all else. Every voice is heard, every voice carries weight. It was this sense of community, this pulling together towards the common good that made our country great. And, if I may be so bold, it is this sense of community that makes what we interns have here, at Salvation Army so special.

A typical Salvation Army snack. Caviar caught fresh by Nick Hollendonner.

We are a modified family unit, with common goals. As a whole we are excellent interns, capable of treating most anything our scope allows for. We each have our areas of passion and knowledge that is crowd-sourcing our treatment protocols and education. We’re tuned into who our fellow interns are as people and focus on building each other up. I had my 28th birthday last week Friday and my colleagues threw an amazing surprise party for me. The principles that have driven mankind to our greatest heights are driving our small community to success as well.

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