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“The Most Expensive Chiropractic School” and the Museum of Fine Arts

by Apr 20, 2018

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I recently heard a fellow chiropractic student from another school make a claim that NUHS was the most expensive chiropractic school. I honestly didn’t know the answer to that question so I decided to do some quick research to find out how accurate that was. It is difficult to take into account cost of living as everyone lives by different means. Some students live with family, others already own their own house, some rent a room, others split an apartment with a roommate, and others hunker down in studio apartments by themselves. Instead of looking at my overall cost of school including cost of living I compared the tuition of a few of the well-known schools.

After calculating total tuition for the few I looked up, NUHS was not the most expensive, nor were any schools truly much more than the others. According to their websites, the following are the estimated total tuition cost to complete the program; Life = $120,726, New York = $119,420, NUHS = $118,792, Bridgeport $112,800. I only looked at a few, because it didn’t take me long to see that the statement I originally heard was incorrect. NUHS is among the more affordable schools to attend. Bridgeport may be less expensive for tuition, but the location is less desirable than St. Petersburg, Fla. in my opinion. There are also no summer semesters there, which means the fastest one could obtain his/her degree is 4 years vs. to 3 years and 4 months like I have done. I will be starting my career much sooner, thanks to the accelerated pace offered at NUHS.


Not only is St. Petersburg a beautiful city year round, but events and exhibits always make for a new and exciting experience. The Museum of Fine Arts in Downtown St. Petersburg teamed up with Lucas Films to bring an exhibit of original Star Wars costumes and concept art to the museum. I had tried to get tickets before, but it was sold out and we waited until the very last day — Easter Sunday — to be able to go see it. I saw some of the costumes from the original Star Wars movies from the 70s and 80s. It was exciting for me as I am a huge star wars fan. After a day at the museum, my girlfriend and I walked around the waterfront park and then went to the Canopy, a rooftop bar on the water. We had mimosas and enjoyed the beautiful view. It was a lovely way to spend our Easter.

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