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Starting a New Club Is Actually a Lot of Work

by Jun 24, 2015

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I started the “Chirogames Club” here in Florida to enable us to fund raise for the chiropractic games, an event where all the chiropractic schools are invited to Cocoa Beach, Florida, to compete in a wide variety of sports. My friend Chris and I made a poster for it to display for prospective students at campus visit days. Hopefully they see it and learn about this awesome event! I’ve been putting together a PowerPoint presentation to display important information such as important dates, fundraising ideas, and what sports are played.

In addition to getting the club materials together, I had two exams this week. I also have been studying for next week’s exams. The time flies by when you are this busy, but it’ll be worth it in the end. I also love being involved in my school; it makes it more than just a place you go to learn. It becomes a family. We work hard together then we get to have fun together! The small school we have in Florida really makes us a close-knit group of people because everyone knows each other.


We had our exams on Tuesday and Thursday, and then learned six new adjustive procedures on Friday. I am shocked my brain can retain so much information! We learned how to assess and how to correct rotation restrictions in the thoracic spine. Many of us stayed after class for open adjusting lab to practice these new adjustive procedures especially since we are going to be tested on them this coming Monday!

We have a midterm on Monday, another on Wednesday, and then we are off next Friday for homecoming in Illinois, a much needed break! The following week we finish up our midterms and have off on Friday again because it is the fourth of July! With so much to look forward to, we just need to keep pushing through. I should get back to studying now!

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Christopher Kotwicki

Christopher Kotwicki

My name is Christopher Kotwicki and I am a future Doctor of Chiropractic! I am also a self-proclaimed beach bum, animal lover, fitness junkie, and sports fanatic.


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