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OptoJump and OptoGait

by Feb 18, 2016

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This week was very eventful. We had two guest speakers in Sports Council. Coach Kevin Barr, CSCS, from the Tampa Bay Rays and Jake LaVere, DC, an NUHS graduate who has worked with the New York Rangers, the New England Patriots, the Orlando Magic, and the Tampa Bay Rays.


Dr. LaVere was presenting the OptoJump and OptoGait to us. The OptoJump and OptoGait analyze gait (footfall pattern) and can precisely detect any discrepancy in stride length, swing phase time, impact, heel-to-toe transition and many other gait-related measurements. It gives feedback immediately and is accurate to 1/1000 of a second. He used the OptoJump and OptoGait with the professional sports organizations previously mentioned and he used it with us to demonstrate how it works.


I volunteered as the patient for the demonstration. I walked on the treadmill equipped with the OptoJump with and then without my running shoes. We then compared the results to determine if my shoes were correcting or causing any discrepancy in my gait. When walking barefoot, I had no discrepancies. My shoes however created a 3% discrepancy in between my left and right steps.

After finding the discrepancies, we utilized the second screen, in order to try and correct it. The second screen is a live feedback system that shows which foot needs to be corrected and by how much. I was able to correct the discrepancy right then and there by adjusting the way I walk to match the measurements on the screen. Dr. LaVere was coaching me through how to correct it while I was walking.


The OptoJump is a serious tool and could help analyze functional discrepancies caused by injury or that could cause injury. It would be an excellent addition to my future practice. I was glad I took advantage of this opportunity to learn about it and see it firsthand. Thanks to Dr. LaVere and Coach Barr for demonstrating the OptoJump as well as talking to us about their experiences in working with professional athletes.


Over the weekend, ChiroGames Club teamed up with the Gulfport Neighbors for their monthly beach cleanup. It was a beautiful day in February, the sun was shining, and the temperature was in the mid 70s. We split up and picked up as much garbage as we could for a few hours before enjoying the day at the beach.

Following the beach cleanup, we played beach volleyball for a few hours. Then we headed downtown for lunch with our other friends from NUHS who unfortunately had to work and couldn’t make the beach cleanup. It was their loss because the beach was beautiful. I don’t think I have ever been to the beach in February so it was a really cool experience since it is snowing back in New Jersey. It was a great way to end a fantastic week!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions feel free to email and be sure to read my other posts! [email protected]

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