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One year since my trip to Japan

by Mar 24, 2018

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While I’m trying to juggle between studying for midterms and studying for senior clinic exam, Facebook reminded me this morning about my trip to Japan. I can’t even understand…where did the time go?


But, forget the time, how and when did I learn so much? It seems like ages have passed when I look back and I think about all the knowledge that I have gained. I keep staring at mountains of handouts, manuals and books and I am trying to wrap my mind around the thought, that all knowledge in one way or another, is stored somewhere in my brain. I just hope that whenever I’ll need all that knowledge my memory won’t fail me!

Even with all these exams happening this week there’s a feeling of relief becoming stronger each day. As I’m moving forward, I keep looking back and assessing everything–and I admit there are things that I would probably do differently, and there are things that I just wouldn’t do again. For example, there’s no way you’re going to convince me to go back into the anatomy lab. Not my thing, not my jam, not my anything! My nosebleeds made me miserable for a year and I’m so happy to be done with that part.

Now that I’m done with most of the learning part, I decided to also focus on my own health. It doesn’t really make sense to graduate with a Master’s in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and not to be in good health. I’m very happy and proud to say I have been completely glutenand in fact free of any grain–for seven weeks. My European roots are screaming inside me for a piece of bread, but I think my body and health are more important than all the roundup sprayed wheat available in US stores. When I started this school I made a promise to myself to finish it healthier than when I started. I strongly believe that you should be able to heal yourself, so you can help other people heal, too. I guess I just want to “walk the walk” and make myself better in the process.

My days are now a combination of studying, going to the gym, cooking, cleaning and sorting through everything in the house just in case I decide to work downtown and I might need to move. There are just four more weeks of work for me in the Registrar’s office, since next trimester I’ll have 32 hr/week in the clinic. Next trimester is almost all planned, including training, but I haven’t decided yet on what I’ll do right after graduation.

The best part of this week…nope, not the senior exam. I will be happy to be done with senior exams, but the best part is still last registration for classes! My registration was done in five minutes and I took a very deep breath enjoying every single minute!

I wish you good luck with entrance and senior exams. For any questions, you can always find me at [email protected].

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