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On Building a Practice

by Mar 3, 2017

Becoming a fantastic doctor is crucial, no doubt about it. However, especially in our profession, the business aspect can’t be downplayed. There isn’t much of an established medical structure that we can easily assimilate into upon graduation. In fact, a good chunk of graduates start their own practice right off the bat. Needless to say, there’s a lot that goes into that, which is why having a solid business foundation is paramount.

NUHS addresses this thoroughly. Some of my largest projects during my few years here have been for my business classes. And that isn’t a slight. Business isn’t something that you sit around and theorize about. Business is about getting your hands dirty. It’s about working through the complexities, putting the pieces together, and creating a business plan.

Some much needed time with my nephew

Anyone can sit and talk about how important it is to have the financials figured out, or knowing how much income you need to make, or understanding how you should keep your overhead low. But that won’t lead to anything unless you’ve actually had to price out every single thing you need to start your practice. Without doing the groundwork yourself, you’ll be left holding your stethoscope on the curb after graduation. You need to know what challenges you face and how to overcome them — before you graduate.

I’m currently in my third business class at National. This one is a bit different from the past two, because this one is a series of guest lectures. Each week, there is a new expert in their respective field that lends insight into that particular facet of business. This is truly an invaluable class that I would be completely lost without. 

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