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NUHS Unveils New Fitness Center

by Feb 19, 2020

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National University hosted the grand opening of a new fitness center in the Student Center last month. Over 150 students, faculty, and staff attended the much anticipated unveiling.

“We are thrilled that this day has arrived,” NUHS President Dr. Joseph Stiefel said. In his opening remarks, he expressed gratitude to the alumni for their contributions and support to make the facility a reality.

The project involved the complete renovation and expansion of the previous fitness center along with the addition of state-of-the-art fitness equipment. Student feedback gathered during several planning sessions and various campus-wide surveys helped shape a large portion of the plans. Meeting the needs of students living on campus in residential housing was also a driving force in the design and development of the facility.

“The project was a tremendous group effort,” said Mark Galvanoni, Director of Facilities and Security. “The students had a lot of great ideas and input on the equipment selection.”

The new fitness center features the addition of a spin room and a stretching room along with renovated bathrooms with private showers and a spacious locker room.

Some of the state-of-the-art equipment includes cardio machines integrated with a number of apps such as Netflix, Spotify, Facebook and Instagram. The machines also allow users to access trainer expertise digitally and assign workouts inside and outside of the fitness center. A full library of instructional exercise videos, programmed workouts and virtual workout locations are available as well.

“The fitness center is an important part of campus that helps foster both wellness and community,” Dr. Stiefel said. “We welcome students, staff and faculty to take advantage of all the amenities it offers.”

Check out a video of the new space here!

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