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NUHS Health Fair a success in promoting Community Wellness Awareness

by Apr 10, 2024

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Last month, the NUHS Whole Health Center hosted a successful health fair that helped elevate community health awareness and engagement. Community Appreciation Week, which is held each trimester and spearheaded by DC Clinician Sonia Joubert, DC, MS, CKTP, offers screening assessments in an effort to elevate community health awareness and engagement. 

“The event in March succeeded in both reaching new individuals and fostering their ongoing engagement with healthcare services,” Dr. Joubert said. 

The primary focus of the event was health screening for the community, highlighting the exclusion of current patients to ensure maximum community outreach. The screening assessments were comprehensive, blood glucose and cholesterol screening, an electrocardiogram (EKG) to measure the electrical signals in the heart, chiropractic screening to assess posture and muscular imbalances, body mass index (BMI) calculation, and foot scanning to demonstrate how imbalances in the feet could impact functional activities of daily life. 

Dr. Joubert guided interns through each of the comprehensive screening assessments, including Total Cholesterol and Glucose screens, electrocardiogram screens, and the utilization of Cholestech, EKG machines, and the Foot Levelers kiosk. She also instilled in them the significance of interpreting test results and effectively communicating those results to the participants.  

“By prioritizing the well-being of everyone, the event not only provided valuable screenings but also fostered a culture of compassionate and personalized healthcare delivery,” Dr. Joubert said. 

In total, the fair attracted 21 participants, 19 of whom were new to the NUHS clinic. Fourteen became new clinic patients.  

“The distribution of new patients across various departments – 9 to chiropractic medicine, 3 to acupuncture and herbal medicine, and 2 to naturopathic medicine – showcases the holistic multidisciplinary approach to healthcare delivery embraced by NUHS,” Dr. Joubert said. 

In the DC clinic, interns Alexander Jiménez, Harshang Sheth, Bernard Eshun, Zachery Main, and Seam Alexander played pivotal roles in facilitating screenings and patient interactions. In the naturopathic medicine clinic, interns Maribel Diaz, Chris Rivera, Melanie Grey, and Cinthia Hart showcased their dedication to holistic healthcare by offering their assistance. Additionally, 7th tri student Jorge Morales Cardona, who is completing both ND and DC degrees, exemplified the interdisciplinary spirit by bridging the gap between both clinics.  

When health needs extended beyond the clinic’s immediate scope, Dr. Joubert made necessary referrals to other disciplines such as cardiologists and endocrinologists. 

Reflecting on the event, Dr. Joubert emphasized its multifaceted benefits. Not only did it serve as a platform for patient education and recruitment, but it also enhanced interdisciplinary collaboration among healthcare providers. By leveraging events like these, NUHS can continue to bridge the gap between clinical services and community needs, ultimately fostering healthier, more engaged populations. 

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