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NUHS celebrates Spring 2024 graduates

by Apr 19, 2024

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Amidst plenty of cheers and applause, National University of Health Sciences celebrated the hard work and accomplishments of its Spring 2024 graduates at the April 19 commencement ceremony. Graduates received diplomas in chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, advanced clinical practice, acupuncture and biomedical sciences. 

Kristine Aikenhead, DC, who retires this spring after dedicating her entire 33-year career to chiropractic and naturopathic medicine education at National University, served as commencement speaker. She shared the moment she realized her purpose in chiropractic medicine and encouraged students to find their purpose too. 

“Today at your commencement, you are receiving a call to adventure,” she said, adding that graduates should hold true to their purpose and stay the course during challenges. “You actually still have a lot to learn and a lot of growing to do.” 

Valedictorians of the chiropractic medicine, naturopathic medicine and biomedical sciences programs also shared remarks of encouragement. 

Joe DeMaria, valedictorian of the naturopathic medicine program, reminded students to cherish this moment.  

“Go out there and change lives, changed lives changes the world, but first on this day of our commencement, go and celebrate,” he said. 

 Larry John Pepper III, valedictorian of the chiropractic medicine program, told students to continue to push the boundaries of their knowledge. 

Amara Josie Aisha Edwards, valedictorian of the biomedical science program, shared with graduates her why for pursuing the field of health care.  

“Striving for changes in health care so diseases can be better managed, this is my why,” she said. “You also have a very significant why, please always, always keep your why close to you.”  


Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science 

Alyssa Abraham 

Jennifer Lindsay Cundiff 

Monica Czarnomysa 

Amara Josie Aisha Edwards 

Yolla Mrad 

Cheryl Leona Murillo 

Patrick Skinner 

Master of Science in Advanced Clinical Practice 

Christina Andrade 

Nazneen Kardec 

Master of Science in Oriental Medicine 

Jennifer Monique Dexheimer 

Doctor of Acupuncture 

Dr. Mabel Angel 

Breanne Driscoll 

Brandi Elizabeth Jones 

Ming Yi 

Elang Yoo 

Doctor of Chiropractic medicine 

Jaafer Aldirawi 

Anthony Almaraz 

Karl Bailey 

Maere Bebora 

Tiffani Becerra Alwazan 

Kirsten Feeney 

Austin Fothergill 

Eydie S. Johnson 

Jaclyn Ruthrauff-Kotecki 

Marco Liotta 

Dah-Pong Liu 

Henry Carl Matthes IV 

Brishon Kendall Nelson 

Nicole Tatsuguchi-Ongcal 

Kajal M. Patel 

Larry John Pepper III 

Taylor Breann Schregardus 

Narada Muni Semeta 

Parth Sharma 

Alexander Telfair 

Jill Angeline Zalesski 

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine 

Chris Aponte 

Joe DeMaria 

Maribel Diaz 

Brooke Eurton-Henderson 

Tori Long 

Leslie Ruth Moreno 

Darby Jane Pedersen 

Christopher Rivera 

Tessaundra L. M. Sidden 

Abbie Siudzinski  




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