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NUHS Faculty Publish Case Studies in JCM

by Apr 20, 2016

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Three faculty members from National University recently authored case studies published in the March 2016 issue of the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine.

doctor brian anderson doctor joubert doctor manual duarte

Dr. Manuel Duarte, chair of clinical services at National University, and Dr. Sonia Joubert, clinician in the DC program, co-authored “Cellulitis of the Knee in a 16-Month-Old Boy: A Case Report.”

Cellulitis is an infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissues that can spread rapidly. In this case report, the patient’s mother noticed an angry rash on the child’s knee and brought him into a chiropractic clinic. The knee is not a common site for cellulitis in a 16-month-old child. Most initial presentations could be dismissed as an allergic reaction. Yet in this case, fast recognition through proper differential diagnosis and referral to the emergency department of a local hospital resulted in a successful outcome for the patient.

In the same issue, Dr. Brian Anderson, clinician in the DC program at National University published the case study: “Previously Undiagnosed Malignant Brain Tumor Discovered During Examination of a Patient Seeking Chiropractic Care.”

This case study tracks the management of a 30-year old man reporting headaches after a motor vehicle accident. The report describes the patient’s clinical presentation, as well as the examination and medical management by a chiropractic practice that led to the discovery of an unsuspected malignant brain tumor.

“We are proud of our clinical faculty for presenting these case studies. Both of these articles demonstrate how broad-scope primary care chiropractic medicine can accurately diagnose and manage a wide range of health conditions,” says President Joseph Stiefel of National University.

National University is committed to evidence-based practice and encourages its faculty in submitting case studies to scientific journals with the goal of enhancing the body of research within the chiropractic profession.

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