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NUHS Celebrates African American History Month!

by Feb 26, 2021

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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, of the 66,000 chiropractors that practiced in 2020, only 2.4% were Black or African American and overall, Black or African American men and women represented only 12.1% of all health care practitioners nationwide. As a woman, a person of faith, and an African American (among other things), I genuinely appreciate that NUHS is a university that is being intentional about establishing a culture that acknowledges the value of diversity within members of its campus communities.

This month, NUHS honored African American History Month by publishing the accomplishment National College of Chiropractic alumnus, Louise Elizabeth (Bousen) Clague who earned her Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine Degree in 1926. This is a particularly inspiring account to me, as Dr. Clague was a woman and an African American who had achieved something quite significant and had done so at a time when the demographics that she represented were not afforded equitable opportunities to do so. The beauty of reflection on the advancements of African and African American peoples in the month of February is that it allows for becoming aware of how these communities have been and continue to be represented in various aspects of life, it promotes a sense of pride that builds self-esteem, and it reminds all those who reflect that the collective experiences of a people, primarily the successes in overcoming challenges and hardships builds resilience and serves as inspiration to those who follow.

Dr Clague

Dr. Louise Elizabeth (Bousen) Clague…woman, African American, Chiropractor…inspiration!

R Lee Intern Pic

During this African American History Month, what accomplishment(s) by members of this community have been inspiring to you?


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Rameda Lee

Rameda Lee

Rameda Lee is an 10th Trimester Chiropractic Medicine student, a 2020-21 Senior Ambassador of NCMIC’s Starting Into Practice Student Program on the NUHS Lombard Campus, and a 2020-21 Chicago Area Schweitzer Fellow. Through blogging for NUHS’ website, Rameda hopes to acquire and exercise skills that will allow her to represent herself both personally and professionally and to be in a position to assist others in their decision making regarding; choosing a Program of Study; attending NUHS; and in gaining insights into what student life at NUHS, Lombard would be like.


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