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New Scholarship for Combat-Wounded Veterans

Friday, January 11, 2019

The Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes has created a scholarship in the name of NUHS alumnus Thomas G. Sircher, DC, Thomas G. Sircher, DC presenting scholarship’81, to financially support post-911 combat-wounded veteran students pursuing health care degrees through National University.

At a young age, Dr. Sircher experienced the loss of his beloved uncle in the Vietnam War. The sacrifice made by his uncle inspired him to serve those who serve our country and become involved in the Coalition, where he served on the board the last six years, two as chairman. He maintained a practice in Libertyville, Ill., for 31 years, caring for patients in the Lake County area.

The scholarship is open to honorably discharged post-911 combat-wounded military veterans participating in any NUHS program. If no eligible combat-wounded veteran applies, the award may go to an honorably discharged post-911 veteran. For information see the NUHS Financial Aid page of the website, or contact the Financial Aid office at 630-889-6518.






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